CPR & AED Automated External Defibrillator
Advanced First Aid Training Course

CPR & AED Training Course

Course outline:
This Basic Life Support course will assist learners to recognize emergencies that require CPR and how to manage an emergency effectively. It covers single-rescuer CPR for adults and paediatric patients as well as training in use of an automated external defibrillator (AED). CPR in this course complies with the latest guidelines released by the American Heart Association.
We use imported Manikins (adult and paediatric) and ACTAR 911 CPR Manikins in our practical CPR sessions. We also use a systematic approach in our training to help learners to work logically, efficiently and effectively when assessing and managing an emergency.

This is an open course.

Course outcomes:
The purpose of this course is to give learners the opportunity to acquire and practise the skills required for recognizing and managing a life-threatening emergency, requiring CPR and for using an automated external defibrillator (AED). These life-saving skills are used to prevent the condition of the patient from getting worse before the emergency medical services arrive to take over.

Outcomes of the BLS & AED course:
•  Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory and circulatory systems.
•  Manage a life-threatening emergency.
•  Conduct a primary survey.
•  Understand how an automated external defibrillator works.
•  Perform single-rescuer adult, child and infant CPR using an AED.
BLS & AED - Course Content

•  Understanding the anatomy and physiology of the heart.
•  The conduction system of the heart and how it maintains heart rhythm.
•  How a healthy lifestyle can protect the circulatory system.
•  The anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system.
•  The first responder’s role in the emergency chain of survival.
•  Recognize and assess the following life-threatening emergencies in adults: heart attack; stroke; asphyxia; cardiac arrest.
•  Understanding the need to do CPR and AR correctly.
•  Assessing the patient’s condition correctly and identify the need for CPR/AR.
•  Calling the EMS for help.
•  Correctly apply CPR/AR on an adult CPR manikin using the systematic approach.
•  The importance of defibrillating the heart of an unresponsive, non-breathing patient.
•  How an AED works and how to use it correctly.
•  The role of the first responder in the child/infant chain of survival.
•  Recognize and asses life-threatening emergencies in infants and children: breathing difficulties; respiratory arrest; cardiac arrest.
•  Correctly apply CPR/AR on a child/infant on a CPR manikin (child/infant model).
•  Correctly use an AED on a child.
•  Prevent common injuries in infants and children.
Course Details

Course duration: 4 Hours
Time: 08h00-13h00
Price: R850.00 per person excl. VAT
Cost includes: CPR & AED Training Manual, Laminated Memory Card, Assessment & Portfolio of Evidence, Certificate of Attendance.
Certificate valid: 2 years
Venue: On site or at IEFA Training Centre
Dates: Available upon request
No of learners: On site maximum of 10
Course Accreditation: Non-accredited - First Aid enrichment course.